How can we say that women are safe even during this lock down. We are in quarantine amid corona virus attack globally but still we get news about the harassment of women from the different parts of the country. Yes, the saviors are turning about to be the predators in some parts of the country.

How can one say that even in this pandemic period women are safe from the cruelty which has been spread all over. In one incident, the women was allegedly raped and was brutally beaten up by his friend who came to help her from the people who were abusing her. She was getting abused by a gang and she made a call to one of his friends in order to save her. But here everything was in reverse as her friend turned out to be type of person as the gang who abused and raped her.

Another incident comes in light where the savior of society turns to be the predator. Where, a doctor tries to rape the women twice in hospital who came for her regular tests along with her mother in law, who was said to be wait in the lobby. It happened in the part of country where the women are not usually not set to be get the freedom as other parts do. This type of several incidents took place even during this toughest times.

As we can see many people are coming forward and doing the best possible things to help the society and setting new sky heights of humanity in this period, still some people make activities that raises a question “DO HUMANITY STILL EXIST?”. Yes, this point arises every time when we get to know about this type of incidents. The answer for that question will never be defined till this type of incidents takes place in every part of the country, actually not country but the whole world.

These are the incidents only which were actually published in social media and some news platforms. But there will be huge number of unrecorded cases around the world. In the second incident mentioned above the women did not reported this incident to the police because they were from a poor background and doesn’t wanted to face the worse of words from the society ad also should not spend their most of the life searching for justice. She didn’t even said to her mother in law at the place where she had faced this. Later when her family came to know about this incident then it was posted through the social media platforms.

It wont be wrong if we compare these type of cruel people, who takes advantage of helpless women with the wild animals, who always starve for the piece of meat and here the persons starve for the women for their own satisfaction. In the country where MEN worship women in temples, home, everywhere and also we always talk about the achievements and the great works done by women. But still some MEN look at them as a toy which may give them pleasure.

Many people do speak and writes lots of things about the safety of women, and also the government policies, but the thing is do they really take this serious? If yes, then why this all didn’t stopped yet? After all this socialist people and who activists next comes the politicians in the play ,who tries to make women safety as a hot topic during the elections and get doubled their vote banks. Is it the government will go everywhere and save before the incident happens? They perform their after incident works only. The measures which they mention are always being mentioned rather than implemented.